Deja Nous

Entertaining and educating through lively performance of jazz and cabaret music en Francais

04/29/2107Working on a new CD

Deja-Nous is playing again! I moved to IL last year and was fortunate to meet new musicians. We are currently rehearsing 11 songs that I wrote or co-authored. Very exciting project. We will record in May and I will send copies to friends and famiy. This is a very personal project and I wanted to thank, musically, people I love. The title of the CD is "Personal Notes from Paris to New York!". I will send a copy to 7 Days in Burlington.

07/22/2106News from Illinois

Deja-Nous is taking a break. I moved to IL for work a few months ago. I like it here, even if I miss my son, friends and beautiful VT. I will go to VT in September and we'll perform at Twigg's on 09/23. I'll come back in December to VT since we are invited to perform at the wonderful Burlington FIrst Night!

12/31/15Burlington First Night

Deja-Nous had a lot of fun having people smiling, dancing at First Night. We'll be having a lot of fun in 2016. Happy New Year to everyone and vive la musique!

08/08/15Newport Jazz Fest

Deja-Nous is invited at this year edition of Newport Jazz festival in VT. We'll play there from 1:30 pm to 3 pm on August 08. We have a busy Summer, just finishing the Burlington Jazz Fest where we played twice at Leunig's Bistro. We'll be at the Winooski French Heritage Day on July 11. Come and enjoy fun music!

11/25/14First Night!

Deja-Nous is invited at this year edition of Burlington First Night. This is awesome and great for us! We'll play at the First United Methodist Church at 4 PM and 8 PM. This is a great venue for us and we'll present new songs from France, Quebec and the US. Come and join us for a fun evening of music and a great way to start the New Year!

04/04/14Busy Spring!

Deja-Nous just played at different venues, starting at the Shelburne Museum for a fun celebration of Valentine Day. We then played in schools like at Swanton High School in front of a very energetic, enthusiastic audience! We then become regulars at the Villa Bistro in Shelburne, played at a function at Barry Callebauty and we are now preparing a show for UVM French Department! Exciting times!

10/06/13New places

Deja-Nous just played at Twiggs in St-Albans. Very nice place and we had people dance as well! A fun evening of good food and music. They want us back soon! Next week, we'll be back at the Villa Bistro in Shelburne. A wonderful place to play! We're preparing a Xmas show for December. I know but let's keep having fun for our new Winter season.

9/04/13Back to the FlynnSpace

Deja-Nous is back and as busy as ever! We're back to the FlynnSpace on Sept. 14 at 8PM. Our repertoire includes songs from France, Quebec and the USA. It will be a lot of fun. We also have a very nice review of our new CD in 7 Days, Burlington Free Press and by Robert Resnik from VPR!

5/29/13CD in the making

Deja-Nous is preparing a new CD that will be recorded at Ad-Astra, great studio managed by Peter Engisch. This time, we'll include 5 of the songs that I wrote. I presented them at the FlynnSpace and were well received. That motivates me to write more songs. Prior to the show, I went on WRUV, talking with Lucy Couture of our coming show. Here's the link of the radio show:


Deja-Nous had a wonderful time at the FlynnSpace. This environment is so well suited for our style of music! We had a large crowd, very enthusiatic and that motivates us to write more materials, and present new songs from our favorite composers. We'll be back at the FlynnSpace in September 2013. Meanwhile, we're going to the studio and record a new CD. We may organize a CD release Party at the FlynnSpace as well! Pourquoi pas? See you soon mes amis!

1/27/13Website is back

Deja-Nous is back and as busy as ever! After a long sojurn, we've got some new projects in the works, including working on a long-awaited second album. We've also got a few gigs coming up, including one in Waitsfield next month, and then a big show on March 1st at the FlynnSpace!

Gig at the FlynnSpace, March 1st

5/7/07DC Trip

Deja-Nous just returned from a very successful music tour to Silver Spring and Easton, Maryland, both near Washington DC. We were enthusiastically received at each of the several venues we played. We started out on Friday morning at the French Immersion Program at Sligo Elementary School where we had over 300 kids dancing and singing along to our children’s rhymes and Samba tunes. That afternoon, we performed at a seniors’ home, where the residents enjoyed swinging to our Michel Legrand, Charles Aznavour’s favorite.That was a lot of fun!

On Saturday evening we performed two shows at the Black Box Theater. For this venue, we presented our “mature” program, with some compelling songs from Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, and Claude Nougaro. The audience was thrilled by our performance and wanted more, so for an encore we delivered a rousing “Au suivant!” from Brel.

On Sunday we were in Easton’s Chez Lafitte for a Sunday Brunch. It was very upscale and very nice! I felt as if I was surrounded by older family members, all with warm, smiling faces, gathered around well flowered tables for a special occasion. And it was a special occasion for both the audience and the band….We enjoyed playing our repertoire, showing the diversity of French music to a very appreciative audience.

This tour was a wonderfully rewarding new adventure for Deja-Nous and was a total success. We were delighted to receive the same enthusiastic response from each of the very different audiences we played for during the tour. We plan to prepare another trip to the DC area in the coming year!

4/20/07Kids on the Block

Earlier this spring, Jean-Jacques performed in a variety show put on by Kids on the Block, and it's going to be broadcast on VCAM over the next week. The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, April 20, 4:20 PM
  • Tuesday, April 24, 11:00 PM
  • Wed, April 25, 4:00 AM
  • Wed, April 25, 10:00 AM
  • Wed, April 25, 4:00 PM

If you're interested in viewing this show, I'm part of it with Glenn, at the beginning. I think that we're the third act! Enjoy! We did a couple of songs with Abby Sperry. She was the accompanist pianist for the entire show, and she's a member of the Latino band Grupo Sabor.

Have a great sunny week-end!

4/07In the Studio

For something a little different, Jean-Jacques and members of Deja-Nous are recording a collaborative song by Jean-Jacques, based on a poem of Maggie Rodgers, age 11.

"It's very inspiring poem, going straight to your heart, and I was really amazed by the wisdom of a young person. She knows so much about life already and has a wonderful perspective about it! I couldn't resist but putting these words into a song!"

Keep an eye out for updates about this recording!

12/15-16/06Back at the FlynnSpace

What was special about this program is the tribute to Jacques Brel. 10 songs that we did in the first half. A lot of emotional, physical commitment. Jacques Brel wrote texts with such power!

The program of the show was:

  • Set One (Brel Tribute)
  • La Bicyclete
  • Madeline
  • Vesoul
  • Les Bonbons
  • Mathilde
  • Au Suivant
  • La Valse a Mille Temps
  • Le Prochain Amour
  • La Chanson de Jacky
  • Ne me quitte pas
  • Amsterdam
  • Set Two
  • Johnny Cash Medley
  • Formidable
  • Y'a de la Joie!
  • En Sortant de l'Ecole
  • Sous le Ciel de Paris
  • La Vie en Rose
  • Douce Nuit
  • Petit Garcon
  • Je Suis Sous
  • Les Acadiens
  • La Samba des Prophets

What a fun show. And we ended each night with an encore of Les Champs-Elysees.

5/06-6/06 Tour in Paris!

I spent 2 weeks in Paris, singing in 6 different places, making good contacts and great friends. I was invited to sing au "Lapin Agile". It’s one of the oldest Cabaret in Montmarte, where the now famous painters, poets, writers used to gather, argue and redefine new Art Movements. It was very impressive for me to sing there, knowing that singers like Brassens, Nougaro (one of my heroes) made their debuts. I sang a song of Jacques Brel, "Amsterdam," after rehearsing very little time with the house pianist. Everything came from my guts and I have to say that the public enjoyed the raw performance that I delivered.

I want to go back to Paris with our band or to explore more in the Quebec area in front of a French audience. It's a total, different experience.

1/06 Deja-Nous on TV

Deja-Nous has been going through some changes! With the line-up in flux, Jean-Jacques, Nate, Peter, and Terri Conti on accordion, recorded live for public acces with Rik Palieri for his great program Songwriter's Notebook. Keep an eye out for us on VCAM.

8/17/05 CD Review in 7 Days and Free Press

Today Casey Rea reviewed The Romance of Paris in 7 Days, and an awesome review it is. Of our rendition of C'est si bon, he says, "Pianist Nate Venet's playful ivory work on opener "C'est si bon" is captivating, and bassist Mike Sperber provides clever rhythmic punctuation. Psaute's charmingly rugged voice is the real focus, however. Like a francophone version of Dick Van Dyke's Mary Poppins chimney sweep character, he bowls you over with affable melody." Of Mademoiselle Maman he says, "the kind of tune that makes you sigh deeply between sips of wine. Percussionist Matt Guzowski's hi-hat shuffle and restrained cymbal swells give the track a breezy quality that nicely complements Psaute's tender vocal delivery." Une Petite fille "positively seethes with passion and regret."

Also, Brent Hallenbeck reviewed our CD in the Burlington Free Press on June 30th: This kind of disk doesn’t come out of Burlington (or, technically, Hinesburg’s AdAstra Recording Studio) too often. Deja-Nous is a four-piece group featuring Colchester resident Jean-Jacques Psaute on vocals – en Francais – and bouncy jazzy tunes as well as some more dramatic numbers written by the likes of Jacques Brel. Does that sound pretentious? It’s not. Psaute, pianist Nate Venet, drummer Matt Guzowski and bassist Mike Sperber are clearly having fun here, making “The Romance of Paris” more than just a pleasant disc to listen to while having a romantic French dinner. Tres bon.

Both were great reviews. Now if only they bring people to our show this weekend...

6/15/05 New CD, and Jazz Fest Update

Well, it's finally happened, Deja Nous has released our first CD, The Romance of Paris. We spent an evening and a half at Ad Astra Recording with Peter Engish, who did a wonderful job in the short amount of time we gave him. The result is awesome, and is available for purchase in the merchandise section of our website (special thanks to Shaun Varney of Paleface Sound for providing the support and duplication through his online store).

Our gig this past weekend at the Jazz Fest went very well. We were on Church St in front of Leunig's under their tent. The weather was oppressive, but that didn't keep us from having a good time, or the patrons from enjoying the music. We also picked up a lot of listeners in the street, and even got some air time on the Channel 3 News. Our next event will be a show at the FlynnSpace in August. Stay tuned...

4/20/05 Flynn Theatre Show Success

The report from the Flynn says that there were close to 1,000 people who attended the show. That's great, and more than I expected, really! The net result is that the American Red Cross will be able to buy 90,000 meals for the Tsunami victims. It was a real success and this event could become an annual for the American Red Cross. Once again THANK YOU for everyone involved in this project, both those who participated and those who attended. Love.

Hopefully before too long we'll have a new CD available for purchase as well. Keep checking for availability.

3/12/05 World Music for Asia Benefit Show

On April 19th at 7:30 PM there will be a benefit concert at the Flynn Theatre to benefit the American Red Cross International Response Fund. This project got under way immediately after the devastating tsunami hit Southeast Asia, and has finally come together into what promises to be a great show. There will be nine acts, each one bringing music from a different part of the globe:

  • 35th parallel - "MediterrAsian Jazz." Specializes in MediterrAsian Jazz and is presented by tabla artist Gabe Halberg and multi-instrumentalist Mac Ritchey.
  • Burlington Taiko Group - "Japanese Drums." Japanese drumming from a group deeply committed to keeping their sound authentic - they even make their own equipment from traditional materials.
  • Jean-Jacques, Nate & Cie - "French Cabaret." Perform popular French songs in the tradition of Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf and others. Mike Sperber and Matt Guzowski provide support on bass and drums.
  • Left Eye Jump - "American Blues." An American Blues band playing urban style electric blues. Led by guitarist and vocalist Dennis Willmott.
  • Madera - "Flamenco." The signature sound of this three piece band is Flamenco-Nova, a unique blend of Flamenco and Bossa-Jazz arrangements of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luis Bonfi tunes.
  • Sambatucada! - "Brazilian Ensemble" An Afro-Brazilian percussion band that has delighted audiences at celebrations and community events all over Vermont with its huge sound and pulsating rhythms.
  • Samputu/Ingeli Group - "Music from Rwanda." African music and dance from Rwanda. The group's founder, Jean Paul Samputu, is also a tireless worker for social justice and an HIV/AIDS educator.
  • Laslo Cameo - "Australian Music." Formerly SKELTON CREW, this group plays traditional Australian folk music. Ted Donlon (bass, vocals), Leslie Campos (fiddle, acoustic guitar), Randy Bulpin (guitar, vocals), and John Drenavich on drums complete the band.
  • Tammy Fletcher - "Gospel Soul." A soul singer known for her extraordinary voice and uncanny ability to adapt to a wide variety of styles including Gospel, Rock and Roll, Opera, Blues, and Country.

Tickets for the show are available by calling 86-FLYNN, or at the Flynn Box Office for a donation of $20 and up. 100% of the proceeds are going to the Red Cross, so thanks are due to the Flynn and all the performers.

3/12/05 New Website Goes Live

At 3:35 AM officially got a facelift. The site has been live for almost exactly 365 days, so in honor of its birthday we decided to give it a fresh look. New media files, images, and many new pages of content make this a big step up from the basic two page site we had previously. A few things to note in particular are:

  • - New audio and video clips
  • - New photos
  • - Translations into English of the lyrics to many songs
  • - A e-mail list

Hopefully before too long we'll have a new CD available for purchase as well. Keep checking for availability.